Cristina Stone

name Hello everyone! My name is Cristina Stone. I am a hard working and soon to be wife based in Ireland. I recently began a journey to lose in excess of 30 pounds as fast as possible.
I am well aware of how hard it is to lose weight, and maintain my desired body weight, so I needed something that worked just right. I spent hours researching what could help me achieve weight loss fast and found a “diet” that worked for me. I didn’t have to drastically change my diet, and I was still able to enjoy my favourite foods once in a while. And I lost a staggering 23.5 pounds in 30 Days, and by my second month i lost 47 pounds!
Now, I just want to spread the word about this diet, and how much it meant to me in turning my life around. Remember all of those tough times that you’ve had with your weight loss journey? Consider them eliminated! Please check out my blog on my weight loss journey for more info. To your health & weight loss - Cristina.

How to Lose Belly Fat Fast - The Truth About Belly Fat After 30!

07th January 2010
While belly fat is one of the biggest physical challenges both men and women face today I can tell that you can lose belly fat fast and easily. The reason for the excess fat around the belly area has very little to do with the failure of proper dieting, o... Read >